Plan the decarbonization of your city in the last detail with ease.

From any computer. In 4 simple steps. 
For Municipalities

Scaling beyond pilot projects: The zero-emission bus challenge

Decarbonizing your City bus fleet comes with many challenges, whether you are running a pilot or scaling your zero-emission operations. Lack of operational data, high up-front capital costs, requirements to upgrade the infrastructure, legal requirements, and technical limitations of zero-emission buses are just a few challenges to name. Putting together a tender without understanding future zero-emission bus needs and their total operating costs will be inefficient and costly, making it hard to scale beyond an initial pilot project.

Streamline your zero-emission bus plans: Get insights, predictions,
and cost analysis with our solution

Our Zero-emission Bus simulator enables you create an efficient decarbonisation strategy by simulating and analyzing multiple scenarios. The result is a tailor made offer with detailed parameters for a tender, indicating insights into different bus performances, charging requirements, the total cost of ownership, carbon footprint, and much more. All this in just 4 simple steps from any computer in the world.

Futureproof your decarbonisation strategy

A successful expansion beyond the pilot phase is impossible without a full picture of the capital and infrastructure requirements. Stop guessing and use zero-emission bus simulator to predict the investment, charging, future CO2 reduction, and other requirements of fleets of any size.

Simulate ZEB

Understand ZEB performance and charging

The lack of operational data, range, and power limitations of zero-emission buses means that ZEBs are often used inefficiently. With our route-by-route, you can understand any ZEB performance over any service, including state of charge, charging requirements, downtime, CO2 savings, and more.

Define tender parameters with ease

Create bidding parameters based on data and not guessing. Understand your City decarbonization needs thanks to the zero-emission bus simulator and prepare a tender with real charging requirements, downtime, price per km and more.

How it works: An easy 4-step process

Step 1.

Ingest data

Ingest the data about your bus operation in any available format to start your decarbonization process.

Step 2.

Select a bus service

Select your preferred service and see the elevation, speed profile, distance and time drove in a day and stops on the visual map.

Step 3.

Select an zero-emission bus

Select a model of your choice, and immediately see valuable specs about the model such as range, length, maximum speed, capacity, and more.

Step 4.

Simulate and compare

Run your simulation, start tracking different zero-emission bus performances and analyze your KPIs. See which model, and where, performs the best.

Streamline your bus operations with tailor-made results


Understand how different models perform over different bus services. Get insights into real range, consumption and state-of-charge over a service, battery performance, discharge rate probability, and more.


Get a better understanding of the requirements for charging infrastructure, power peaks, and grid requirements. See the planning of charging times during breaks and in a depo.


Know what to expect for operation costs per km and per service. Understand your capital costs for the electrification process, TCO per e-bus, and the expected ROI.

Carbon Footprint

See exact CO2 savings per year and understand emissions and carbon footprint with a click of a button.

Scalable results a click away

Easily scale your operations by batching and comparing multiple scenarios, accessing your history at any time, and getting raw data simulation outputs for additional processing.

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