tirn technology, a Provider of a Zero-Emission Bus Simulation Service, Collaborates with PTO Tusgsal on a Pilot Project to Help Efficiently Decarbonize Tusgsal’s Bus Fleet

Slovakia, Trnava; Spain Badalona | 23.02.2023 – tirn technology has won a pilot project announced by Tusgsal and EIT Urban Mobility in search of an innovative solution to collaborate with Tusgsal on its way to decarbonize public transport in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

“Since we’ve implemented 12 electric buses, we’ve learned that energy consumption needs to be monitored for efficient operation. However, the state of charge (SoC) depends on numerous factors such as weather conditions, topography, driving conditions, regenerative energy recovery, and more. The lack of insights into the future SoC across a route means not being sure if the buses can finish their routes, and when they need to be charged. 

That’s why we are excited to cooperate with an innovative start-up like tirn technology. We believe that the information provided by their solution will make our internal decision-making processes about our next zero-emission bus deployment easier, and more energy and cost-efficient. Finally, we really appreciate an approach that does not need any additional onboard hardware. “
–  Marcel Biosca Alvarado (CEO of SortSystems)

tirn technology cooperates on a pilot project with the PTO  Tusgsal Badalona to provide its zero-emission bus (ZEB) simulation service to decarbonize bus transportation, and more efficiently handle the fleet transition. 

During the pilot project,  tirn technology ZEB simulator identifies the optimal bus model for their operation, simulates the real range, state-of-charge along the bus service and plans a charging strategy accordingly. ZEB simulator provides Tusgsal also predictions of the total cost of ownership and CO2 reduction to improve the overall bus service.

We are proud to kick off the pilot project with Tusgsal, enabling them to get clear predictions of their future operations and scaling their electric fleet more cost-efficiently. What makes us super excited, it’s the fact that they have opted for innovative solutions like ours over traditional telematics, confirming the value of our unique approach. With our shared ambitions to decarbonize bus transportation, we hope to continue supporting them beyond the pilot project.”
–  Juraj Majera (CEO of tirn technology)

In addition to the pilot project with the Tusgsal, tirn technology has received access to coaching, mentoring, workshops, networking, and conferences as part of the EIT Urban mobility Scale-up program coordinated by PowerHUB.

“ Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of innovative, clean and sustainable technologies to the European markets and support their deployment in our cities. We do that through incubation, acceleration and scaling startups through various development programmes and through our pan-european network. We are delighted to support TIRN Technology and Tusgsal Badalona to contribute to a successful implementation of this pilot project in Barcelona. “
Toufik Dallal (Head of Acceleration Programmes)

About Tusgsal Badalona

TUSGSAL is a social economy company that began its journey in 1985 when 117 workers from the late TUSA company decided to continue operating the service by creating a new company. Now, TUSGSAL has 825 members and is the parent company of the DIREXIS group, which brings together different companies. TUSGSAL’s activity focuses on public passenger transport through two concessions owned by the AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area).

The daytime bus network is made up of 29 lines that cover the territory of Barcelonès Nord, Montgat, Tiana, Montcada and Reixac, and Barcelona, providing urban and interurban services. It has a fleet of 229 vehicles and transports 35 million passengers a year.

The night bus network, meanwhile, involves the management of 12 lines of the Nitbus service. It mainly provides its service in Barcelona, has a fleet of 98 vehicles, and transports 5 million passengers annually.

About EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) acting to accelerate positive change in mobility to make urban spaces more liveable since January 2019. EIT aims to become the most significant European initiative transforming urban mobility. Business Creation thematic area aims to become the reference in the market for supporting and funding gender-balanced start-ups within urban mobility. EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up is a program from Business Creation thematic area.

About tirn technology

The adoption of electric buses across municipalities around the world is not happening fast enough. We would love to change that!

Our vision at tirn technology is to create an easy and ready-to-use simulation software for collaboration between operators and manufacturers by using the current possibilities of A.I., publicly available relevant data, and modern simulation models to shape the future of electric mobility faster. 

Our platform zero-emission bus (ZEB) simulator identifies the optimal bus model, powertrain, energy storage technology, the charging infrastructure, and its requirements. This provides the users with better predictions of the total cost of ownership and CO2 reduction.

About PowerHUB

PowerHUB is a research institute focused on the public dissemination of research and development outputs, technology transfer, in-house research, and innovation intermediary activities.

PowerHUB’s role is to support and connect different players across the mobility spectrum with an aim to boosting digitization and building an innovation-driven community.

We strive to be a leading hub for the areas of Energy, Mobility, Smart City, ICT, Life balance in Central and Eastern Europe.

PowerHUB is a core partner of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and runs various innovation programs on behalf of EIT Urban Mobility.

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